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Understand what your competitors are doing in SEO

In order to understand your positioning within your marketplace on the Web, you need to know how your top competitors are doing - and what they're doing - when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. We do just that…

We continually improve your rankings so your business remains at the top of the engines for your targeted Keywords. Below are the elements that comprise our Search Engine Positioning services;

Situation Analysis :
Keyword Reports
Current Website ranking
Competitor analysis
Website Optimization : 
Strategy Development and Design
Strategy Implementation
Submission and Registration : 
Submission to Major Search Engines
Directory Registrations
Paid Submission Management
Positioning :
# Monthly Research and Reporting
Performance measurements
Keyword Management
Competitor analysis
# Monthly Maintenance

Our unique Competitive Advantage Report will include

Competitive keyword rankings in the major search engines and directories: This report will detail the current rankings in the major search engines and directories for your domain and for the domains of your top 3 to 5 competitors, examining results for your most important 50 keywords.

Source Code Keywords: What words do your competitors consider important? We'll let you know.

The Top Ten Rankings for the Top Ten Keywords: Is there another, perhaps new, competitor creeping up on you? We'll help you find out. For 10 of the 50 keywords, we will provide a printout that will show you who has captured the Top Ten rankings in the major search engines and directories, which currently include:


- AltaVista
- AOL Search
- Overture
- Lycos
- Fast
- HotBot
- Google
- LookSmart
- MSN Search
- Netscape
- Yahoo
- Teoma
- WiseNut

Link Analysis:

We will show how many links are pointed to your site and to the 3 to 5 competitors in the databases of two of the major search engines.

Pay-per-click players: Who among your competitors are bidding for keywords in the ever-more-important Overture (formerly Go To) and what keywords are they buying at what price?

Directories Presence: We will detail where your site and your competitors' sites reside within the major directories, which currently include Yahoo!, Look Smart, and the Open Directory Project. A printout will be provided that shows the current category(ies) for each site, their listed descriptions and titles.

Summary of Opportunities in Search: This summary of our findings will highlight strengths and weaknesses of your current competitive stance online, and will identify opportunities to move your web site ahead of the competition. For example, you may have rich opportunities in growing your linking relationships; we'll tell you who some of your competitors' linking partners are - so that you may also request a link, increasingly important in achieving top search engine rankings as well as new traffic from complementary web sites.

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