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Link Popularity
is based on the number of links to your site and is an important component in the ranking algorithms of the major search engines. Not only is your website ranked by keywords and content, but by the over-all popularity of your site as well.

Search engines rank your site according to the popularity of the sites linking to you. If popular sites like link to your site, your ranking is higher than if less popular sites are linked to you.

Link Relevancy is also considered, so you need links from sites that are closely related to the same topic. For instance, if your website deals with online marketing, being listed on other sites that focus on online marketing is very important!

Google was the first to introduce this algorithm, calling it Page Rank™,

We will provide the complete link popularity solution.

Review your web site, it's content, your target audiences, your current link popularity and your current search engine rankings,


Research your industry prospecting the top portals and web sites with the greatest market relevance,


Prioritize prospects by a combination of factors including their link popularity scores and their present search engine positioning,


Develop a static html link page replicating the exact look and feel of your existing web site with links to all quality prospects,


Implement a campaign to personally contact each prospect explaining the benefits of interlinking and requesting that they provide a link to your web site,


Once links have been posted, I will submit each web page with a link to your site. Additionally, I'll submit your web site to the top directories including the Open Directory, Yahoo and Look Smart. (Yahoo and Look Smart fees are additional)
Quantify and monitor each web site that offers a link to your web site.
Please Contact Us for more information about a customized Search Engine Optimization program for your website.

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