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Oct. 12, 2000
Media Metrix, a business unit of Jupiter Media Metrix, provides web site ratings based on a sample of about 100,000 web surfers worldwide. Most are home users, but a number of "at work" users are also in the group. All these web surfers have meters on their computers, which monitor the sites they visit. This metered information is compiled to produce Media Metrix's results.

Media Metrix is the oldest user-based ratings service on the web. It has been providing results since mid-1996. It merged with competitor Relevant Knowledge in October 1998, and it competes with Net Ratings. See the link below to a page within Search Engine Watch about Net Ratings.

Current Comparison
Below is a look at the latest Media Metrix's ratings. They show audience reach, which is the percentage of web surfers estimated to have visited each search engine during the month. Because a web surfer may visit more than one service, the combined totals exceed 100 percent.

KEY: YH=Yahoo, MSN=MSN, AOL=AOL, LY=Lycos, GO=Go (Info seek), NS=Netscape, EX=Excite, AV=AltaVista, LS=LookSmart, iWN=Iwon, NBC=NBCi (Snap), AJ=Ask Jeeves, GT=Go To, GG=Google, G2N=Go2Net, DP=Dog Pile, DH=Direct Hit MC=MetaCrawler, MM=Mamma, NL=Northern Light.

Keep in mind that the numbers above may include traffic that is not specifically search related. For example, "portal" sites such as Yahoo may include traffic to non-search areas such as their free home page building sections. Additionally, some sites such as Lycos combine the traffic of other sites they operate, such as Lycos-owned HotBot, into their figures. In contrast, the Stat Market Ratings page does give you a better look at search-specific traffic.
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