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Pay Per Click Ad Management services
Getting your web site listed within the search engines is the best way to create a strong presence on the web. Having those listings will drive traffic to your site, day after day, month after month. Our search engine optimization services make sure your site can take advantage of these traffic-generating engines. Getting a listing in most of the major search engines is still free.

However, there is also another breed of search engine, what i call the "pay for placement" search engine, also worth consideration. I recommend my clients consider using the most important of them - Overture - in their marketing plans. Overture is increasingly important for a number of reasons, including its recent partnership with AOL. Sites that have the highest bids at Overture are displayed within the top search engine results pages of AOL, AOL.COM, Netscape Net center and the Lycos Network.

So, bidding for keywords in Overture is another method of capturing the right kind of traffic - the customers who are looking specifically for your product or service.

Initiating and managing Overture's bidding process, though, can be time consuming. Therefore, I've added a "Pay for Placement" Submission Management Service to help clients integrate and leverage their optimization keyword strategy at

Here's how it works:


I will register your site and maintain your listings.


Each of your top keywords will be placed in the number one positions and monitored daily to ensure they remain on top at Overture.


You will be given a password-protected web page to view monthly reports and other information related to your account. Please note: I require a minimum purchase deposit of $500 for managed accounts in our Pay for Placement plan.

Please Contact Us for more information about a customized Search Engine Optimization program for your website.

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